Centrul de Tineret

“This is me a year ago. Even though I’m quite big and take a lot of space on my street, people never noticed me. Or maybe, they simply preferred not to notice me. I never could understand why.

When it’s hot outside, my insides are cold. And in winter, I’m so warm that the whole neighborhood can benefit from me.

I was ignored and almost forgotten. People who come here from time to time are doing only their business, never thinking about my look and state.

Last summer everything changed. Many young people came. Honestly, at first it was scary. It seemed that they’d destroy me completely. They were visiting me daily, and every time something changed inside me.

They gave me a name, some fresh bright colours and together with local people filled me with cozy sofas, books, paintings and other things that humans usually like.

Some people passed by and looked curiously at me, but never stopped. I felt like I looked friendlier now, but still no one came to get to know me.

I was empty again. Dirt, dust and spiders came back to my corners. My insides felt as cold as the outside. After a few months, people disappeared even from the street. I had no idea why… Was it something I did?

In may two young girls came to me. They visited regularly. They had many ideas. I didn’t always understand their accents, but I felt their warmth, the excitement in their voices… They made me feel fresh again, even better than last summer.

Now… I’m waiting with open doors. I can’t wait to see young people learning new skills, playing table games, dancing at the local concerts, watching movies and chatting with their friends on those nice, comfy couches I’ve got. I imagine them visiting me…and feeling at home.”

Author: Katsiaryna Kryvaltsevich

This digital story has been realised within the European project “Stories Behind the Cities”, founded by Creative Europe Programme, European Commission.