Goat in the garden

Many years ago four or five cows were grazing here.

These were hospital cows. Sušak hospital had its own farm. They had their milk, their pigsty, their chicken coop, their vegetable garden. Every doctor had to dig a little. When there was a harvest or a slaughter they had to go.

Back in the days, every household had an animal or at least a small garden. People grew fruits and vegetables, ate their own homemade food.

And it was called food for the poor. What was once a necessity today is a luxury. Today if you want something homemade or organic, you will pay more than for factory procesed food and products harmful to the body.

The Sušak hospital had its own economy. Chickens and cows and goats. Goat milk was very healthy for patients. After WWII when the laboratory tests started, a doctor had to draw blood to the billy goat every day. One day the goat got tired of it and he stabbed in the horns the doctor who poked him.

There are no doctors or goats in my family. Like many parents/ mine as well wanted me to be a doctor. But I hardly ever listened to them.
Instead of that I chose to be a teacher.

I help children to grow. I believe if they are taught correctly from the start, later is healthier for everyone. Together we can grow our own vegetables. Maybe in the future some of them will become a doctor or have a goat. and make their own healthy food.

Author: Sandra Polić

This digital story has been realised within the European project “Stories Behind the Cities”, founded by Creative Europe Programme, European Commission.