So soft and light

„Girls, did you know, that Rijeka has the most clean drinking water in the area? It has a specific taste. Popularly known as Rijeka’s water.“

These were my dad’s words when he was driving my sister and me to see the city and to go for cake and water.

I was living near Rijeka, on the island Krk half of my life. Highschool times were my connection to the citiy. Although I loved it, I always thought that I would leave and never come back.

So excited! New city and that special water.

Coming out of a car, walking over the bridge and looking around, I was enjoing the day. Everything was amusing to me; buildings, squares and people who knew where they going.

We entered the small cake shop. The smell of coffee was all over the place mixed with sweet smell of cakes.

We found little tabe inside and ordered cakes. Although all of them looked delicious, I cared only to try that tasty water.

Finally, I got it. It taste differently, so soft and light. „Do you like it?“ I didn’s say a word. Dad finished my cake.

The city that felt so familiar in a past, looks new to me now. Like I was here for the first time, again.

As I was sitting at the cake shop terrace and sipping my water I remembered that sequence from my childhood.

Going through my memories, 

I suddenly felt that familiar feeling of the city, the coldness that i got used to call warmth.

I’ll try to stay this time.

Author: Lucija Svob, creative Cluster Kombinat

This digital story has been realised within the European project “Stories Behind the Cities”, founded by Creative Europe Programme, European Commission.