“Where I am supposed to start? With me, no matter how narcissist that may be? Yes.

I moved into a questionably comfortable house in the Lower Town of Petrovaradin fortress in 1988, in a street way to the Upper Town. Why did I find it appealing to live in a house without central heating, with a bathroom painted with paint made of fat?

From one window I could see the yard and shack toilet of tenants living nearby.
A room with a view! What an irony for Small Town, a baroque heritage.

However, from the other side – I see a clock tower of the Upper Town from fhe 18th century. From my bed I could see what time is.

As time passed, my brother asked me to open caffe in the cellar of my house. “Dublin” started in 1990 – it was the first caffe in this local community in modern times with programs like exhibitions, small rock concerts, discussions by the bar was inevitable for gathering art students, artists, writers, journalists.

“Dublin” became a kind of a cultural center in Small Town. I was thinking how to take part in awakening of this heritage. It was in spring 2002. that the association “Suburbium” was founded on my initiative.

That was the means by which I and my like-minded friends wanted to offer resistance to the millstone of modern obliviation. The thing that destroys everything that not coming from our modern initiative. Since then, “Suburbium” had organized international conferences, round tables, had published dozens of books in Serbian and other European languages.

The billiard table in “Dublin” caffe became a “round table” when “Suburbium” invited experts to analyze different topics concerned on heritage in multidisciplinary dialogues. Small stories behind the curtain are the heart of every town. Sharing them is a challenge. Like our billiard table made into a gathering place.”

Author: Bojana Karavidić, association Suburbium

This digital story has been realised within the European project “Stories Behind the Cities”, founded by Creative Europe Programme, European Commission.