Crossing bridges

“Summer is a busy, fast pace season in my book. My summers are usually filled with work, as the touristic season is at its peak. But, I get to rest once as others do and that’s during the second week of July. I know, quite specific.

That’s the time I get that “summer feeling” – the sense of freedom, wishing the days would never end. The quintessence of my summer is the Exit Festival, held annually at the Petrovaradin fortress. Four days of music, dancing, friendship, and love. My favorite moment every year is the crossing of the Rainbow bridge, both ways.

That feeling of excitement on the way to the festival, while seeing people gathering in the Lower Town, and the feeling of just pure joy on the way back – the sun had risen, we just danced the night away and we’re off to bed to rest and repeat everything the following evening. That feeling is something that can’t be replicated. Or so I thought.

The story I’ve read about a masquerade held in the Lower Town a century ago does not give a lot of information. “Each time, a long procession would start from Dinko Šimunović Street and go all the way to the general’s apartment, which was located at the main entrance to the Military Hospital. What a sight it was! Many people from Novi Sad came to attend the event. It could be said that we did not have any problems at that time. I remember being part of a community where people were facing each other. We were all one big family.

The part of the story that captivated me was: So many people came that the bridge that connected Novi Sad and Petrovaradin shook every single time. And oh, boy. Do I know the feeling.”

Author: Natalija Lazović, tourist guide

This digital story has been realised within the European project “Stories Behind the Cities”, founded by Creative Europe Programme, European Commission.